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Reliable salary data and college recruiting reports - we are the trusted resource for thousands of HR practitioners, employers and recruiters.

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HR Salary Data Programs

HR Salary Calculator - #1 salary program with over 5,000 businesses. Salary data for 900 occupations.$25 per analysis.

Search Salary by Occupation - The same data as our HR Salary Calculator, with a 'search by job title' function. $25 per analysis.

Small Business Salary Program - Less than 100 employees? Need data fast? We built this program for you. Results available instantly. $25 per analysis.

Salary Data Set Builder - For compensation practitioners and consultants. This program enables you to build custom data sets, quickly. The wage band and median salary are provided for each work level of every occupation. $25 per analysis.

College / Campus Recruiting & Salary Reports

College Recruiting Intelligence - Looking for grads with technical degrees? Cyber-security, chemical engineering, or robotics? Our database is comprised of 185 majors at 2,740 four-year colleges. Custom queries are easy and your report is available instantly. Each regional report is $50, or $250 for all 8 regions.

Salary by College and Major - Need a salary for a major at a specific school? Start here. Regional reports are $25, or $400 for all 21 regions.

Starting Salary Calculator - Need salary data for an undergrad or masters' hiring? Fast, reliable data. $25 per analysis.

Internship Wage Data - Benchmark wage data for hiring interns. Easy program with reliable results. $25 per analysis.

Free Data Programs

Salary Aging Program - This program provides the annual inflation rate for wages on over 900 occupations. Valuable for determining if you need to recalibrate your company salary data.

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