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High School Counselors College Planning Portal

Within this college planning portal, you will find programs that will enable you to develop successful college plans for your students. These programs are designed for your real world – they are fast and easy to work with.

Our programs will enable you to answer the questions that students (and parents) ask in today’s world. They want to know how much college will cost, can they get into certain colleges, what jobs will they likely get after graduation, and the salaries that they are likely to earn. Our programs answer all of those questions, and more!

As we have collaborated extensively with High School Counselors throughout the process of developing our services, each program is built for the real world environment of busy, time constrained High School Counselors.

Fee based programs typically run $10-$25. Subscriptions for High Schools are available at $99 annually. Please follow this link for more information.

Free Programs

High School Counselors College Planner - The most effective college planning program for addressing the real needs of your students: the best academic path to pursue along with associated financial considerations. This program creates personalized plans that focus on college selection through to success in the workforce.

CollegeBuddy - When a student asks, "What jobs can I get from my major?" this program provides actual jobs and starting salary data.

CareerBuddy - This powerful program enables the counselor to assess the students’ academic strengths and weaknesses to identify applicable majors and the appropriate college track.

College & Major Outcomes - Show your students the likely job and salary outcomes from each major at over 900 specific colleges.

Fremium and Fee Based Programs

Ultimate College List Builder -For families who are serious and analytical in the college selection process. This program includes the most relevant college applications data. Search over 1,400 colleges, download your data in Excel!

College Admissions Probability Program - This revolutionary program provides the probability of a particular student being accepted to their college of choice, and the Expected Family Contribution. Results are shown in table form and Excel - perfect for the foundation of every college list.

ETC College Rankings Index - This a real-world college rankings index – where colleges are ranked by the economic value they create for their students. Review this program to unlock the value that public state colleges create for students.

College Graduation Probability Program - This program shows the 5-year graduation completion stats for over 1000 colleges. This is invaluable information for students who are considering 'reach' schools.

College Business Plan - This program is heavily favored by college consultants and financial planners,as well as by families. Through a series of 5 modules, specific inputs as pertains to an individual student and particular college produces a comprehensive ‘business plan’’ that lays out tuition + books, mandatory fees, and living and other expenses (based on a 5-year completion schedule)-referenced to costs and financial outcomes.