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ETC Financial Advisors College Planning System

College planning is the last major untapped market for the wealth management industry. Families make $500 billion in college planning decisions annually. When a family has a child in 11th grade, they are on the verge of making 6 figure decisions that will have lifelong consequences.

Here’s how we add value to your financial advisory business – we enable you to answer families’ most critical questions, and to bring clarity to areas of deep uncertainty. With our programs, you can build college plans that actually make good business sense. Most importantly, you’ll be able to show your clients the colleges and academic majors that lead to real careers – and that is the single greatest concern of parents of college bound kids.

The System contains a series of programs which are embedded into the Modules below. They are organized in an intuitive and logical sequence. Examples of the program functions include:

The premium data within the College Planning System is available to financial advisors for $99 annually, per user.

College planning for upper income and affluent families presents a range of challenges. These are successful people who in many cases, they are capable of doing their own research. Yet, they’re wise enough to rely on a professional for their financial matters. And then college planning introduces unique uncertainties amidst an environment where there is a surprising deficiency of reliable information.

Every student is unique in their interests and aptitude. Most parents will happily finance a pathway to success for their child, but they would appreciate more visibility in the process, and certainty of the outcome. This System and its underlying programs are designed to provide you with facts and data to enable you build reliable college plans for your families.

Since 2013, we have provided student lenders with actuarial analyses and much of the same data as is used in our college planning programs. Let your clients know that lenders base their decisions on this data and logic and their sole interest is reduced to the probability of their loans being repaid. Our interest, your interest, and the families’ interests are in seeing the kids be successful.

Families are hopeful that their child will enroll at, and ultimately graduate from a prestigious college. They’re also very well aware of the horror stories of kids with degrees, and no jobs. This is a discussion that every parent wants to have – and here are a few programs that allow you to explore the pathways from academic major, to the job market.

College Buddy – 48 different majors and all of the jobs, with salaries where recent grads are employed.

Career Buddy – a solid reality check regarding the jobs that actually exist for recent grads, and the competition for those jobs. This ones’ an eye opener.

College and Major Outcomes – want to see what last years’ history grads from Big League Uni are doing this year? Here are the actual outcomes from 1,200 colleges.

Many families have pre-conceived ideas about which colleges their kids should consider. The ETC College Rankings Index will show them the schools that offer great educational value, and those that don’t. The Index empirically determines the Economic Value Added, by each college ranked within our system. Climbing walls and social scene are not part of the calculus. Grad rates, occupational outcomes, and other economic characteristics are the composition of the Index.

Hundreds of 2nd and 3rd tier private colleges are closing each year. Ensure that your families avoid schools that offer low value, and those that may actually close their doors. There are many hundreds of great colleges to choose from, and we’ve ranked them for you.

The ETC College Admissions Probability program provides a family with 2 incredibly valuable data points. It personalizes a combination of FAFSA and test score information to show the family:

  • The probability of the child being accepted at specific colleges.
  • The Expected Family Contribution (tuition and fees) that each college will expect them to pay.

The FAQ and User Guide for this program contains some of the most strategic information available regarding college admissions pricing models. Your clients will find this intelligence to be incredibly valuable. When you generate a list of prospective colleges, you’ll be enabled to make deeply informed decisions regarding finalizing the college selection.

The ETC College Business Plan will preclude the need for hundreds of hours of data collection, multi-variant cost/benefit analyses, cost accumulations – and drop in all into an Excel spreadsheet, formatted as an income statement, with 4 year, 5 year, and 6 year graduation assumptions. This is an exceptional value adding program to your business. For your clients, it provides incredibly granular insights into all of the costs and outcomes of the college tracks they are contemplating.

The ETC College Business Plan is revolutionary in the world of college to career planning.

We’ve provided here a listing of various assets and resources that are relevant to the college planning process.

SAT – learn here about the testing dates, locations, fees and other information relating to the SAT

ACT – learn here about the testing dates, locations, fees and other information relating to the ACT

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Many colleges won’t even accept your application without having your FAFSA information. You’re going to need information from your tax return and possibly from your financial advisor. Start this early so that you’ve got the necessary documentation on time. Here’s your starting point for the FAFSA.

Lean on our Checklist as your ‘project management’ document. There are a lot of steps involved and we’ve included everything that matters, in this document.

We also offer a variant of this program to families – the ETC College to Career Planning System. This version of the program is considerably longer than the Financial Advisors’ version. It offers extensive insight into the need for students to understand that college is not a career unto itself, but a crucial stepping stone to the job market. We also cover the hazards of student debt as few others will warn an 18 year old of the damage they can do to themselves with an onerous debt burden. We encourage all parents and students to immerse themselves in the excellent insights provided by the ETC College to Career Planning System.