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About Educate To Career

What We Do:

Educate To Career (ETC) is a nonprofit formed in 2013 by retired businessman Mike Havis. Mike realized back in 2008 that college graduates were not transitioning into good paying jobs. Rather, they were ending up in jobs that they could have gotten right out of high school.

As the years ensued, the poor economy coupled with the increase in college tuition and high student loan debt only worked to highlight the need for factual educational attainment to career outcomes data that students, their parents and educators could use to make prudent college/career planning decisions. This came to fruition with the establishment of Educate To Career.

Over the years, Educate To Career has expanded its efforts to include data and programs for career counselors, college institutional effectiveness departments, as well as for employers and recruiters.

Using our programs students can learn the occupational outcomes derived various majors, the salaries associated with these outcomes, and also where to pursue their education along with tuition data.

Career counselors use our programs in their counseling sessions with students as they work out various options for the student to consider.

Employers and recruiters use our programs to enable them to know where to recruit new hires from based on college major and region. They also use our programs to know what to pay new hires, as well as for benchmarking salaries for existing employees.

Ultimately, we are working to bring together the three constituencies of students, educators and employers in an environment that provides each of them with a centralized place to 'meet' and to work towards the same common goal- that of a young person gainfully employed in the area of their study.

Who We Are:

The Educate To Career team consists of-

Michael R. Havis- president and founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. It is Mike's vision and passion that drives the mission of ETC. Mike holds a BFA from Wayne State University in Industrial Design, and has worked in the areas of sales and business development for the luxury jewelry and watch industry. It was Mike's experiences along with his son, Ben, in transitioning Ben to college and career that inspired Mike to found Educate To Career.

Varda Levy- Member of the Board. Varda is a respected education consultant in the San Diego area. Varda holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from California State University - Los Angeles in English Language and Literature. She helmed the leadership at Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista, CA as principal for over 5 years, and is highly respected for her expertise and knowledge in the areas of curriculum development, teacher training and overall education-oriented strategy. She has particularly keen insights into the challenges facing young people today as they navigate the road from high school student to college and career.

Alan B. Havis, Esq. - Member of the Board. Alan is a practicing attorney in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, as well as a businessman with broad experience. He is a 1984 graduate of the Detroit College of Law. His legal expertise is invaluable to the mission and operation of Educate To Career.

How to Contact Us:

You can contact Educate To Career via email at or by phone at (562) 248-6262. We welcome all comments and suggestions.


More information can be found by clicking on our FAQ page