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College to Career Planning Programs

The programs below are used by thousands of students and families, professional college consultants and counselors. Use these programs individually or in any sequence, though they are shown in the order as they are typically used by consultants and families.

Fiscally responsible college and career planning is in our DNA. Our programs can help you to develop a college and career plan based on sound economic principals. You will be able to develop an educational track (including numerous options for managing costs without compromising academic quality) that leads to a real career.

Our programs won't tell you what to do – you’ll be given options. You review the options- then you choose your path. Run multiple scenarios to build the optimal college to career plan for you. Our program users love the fact that their plans fully support their educational goals while saving them thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars.

Our programs are free for the basic data, and then premium data are available for a nominal fee. We're a non-profit so a monthly subscription with unlimited access is only $25. An annual subscription is $99. Professional consultants pay the same rate.

All New!
  1. The CollegeBuddy program is a great starting point because you’ll be shown 48 majors with the jobs that they lead to, AND the salaries for those jobs.

  2. Everyone graduates, and they do it in 4 years, right? Actually, graduation rates are shockingly low and for those who do graduate, 5.5 years is the average. Invest 2 minutes in the College Graduation Probability Program to learn the real probability of graduating from a specific college with a specific degree.

  3. The CareerBuddy program is enormously beneficial in helping to show how a student's competencies should be applied to an education and career track. This program is brutally honest with incredibly valuable guidance on academic majors and college options.

  4. The College Admissions Probability program shows the probability of a student being accepted to the colleges of their choice, and the Expected Family Contribution. Results are shown in table form and Excel - perfect for the foundation of your college list. $10 per college or 10 colleges for $50.

  5. The 2024 ETC College Rankings Index is the benchmark system for rating schools based on the Economic Value Added. Our methodology ranks colleges on their ability to improve the earnings and employability of their students. This program continues to set the standard for determining which colleges deliver the best educational value.

  6. College Business Plan - This program will build a business plan with you, inclusive of the most relevant financial data. This is truly a revolution in college planning and a must for every family working towards sending a child to college. This program saves families tens of thousands of dollars and provides a real business plan, with results in Excel!

  7. High School Counselors College Planner - The most effective college planning program for addressing the real needs of college bound students. Identify the best academic path to pursue along with associated financial considerations. This program creates personalized plans that focus on college selection through to success in the workforce.

  8. Search College Consultants - Professional College Consultants are the experts in college planning. They can provide families with invaluable information when preparing college applications, and help to identify ways to save $$ on tuition and fees.

  9. 2 Year College Calculator - A specialized salary program which provides the salary outcomes from 2-year colleges.

  10. Job Futurecaster - This program shows the educational tracks that lead to real jobs! This is real world career planning.

  11. Ultimate College List Builder - This program builds a college list that includes the most relevant college applications data. Search over 1,400 colleges, download your data in Excel – in less than 5 minutes! The easiest and most advanced college list building tool ever – the gold standard for quality of data and time savings.