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Institutional Effectiveness - Data and Analytics

Educate To Career is a leading vendor of college outcomes data, with over 2,000 colleges relying upon our career planning data and labor market analytics. We have a comprehensive database with records for all public and private, two and four year institutions based in the U. S. Our graduates' outcomes data-sets are unparalleled with occupational outcomes data for graduates extending back to 2004.

We have created a series of reports which provide specific insights into: These reports are available for internal analysis or with benchmarking against state, national or other comparatives.

Standardized reports:

Undergraduate Outcomes Summary includes:

Employment rates of recent graduates, benchmarked against state and national rates, includes:

Undergraduates Outcomes for Recent, 5 year and 10 year graduates, includes:
Our #1 Report!

Completion rates by Student Groups, Includes Categorizations by:

Diversity Report, includes:

Debt Repayment Rates, Includes:

Institutional Revenue Allocations Per Undergraduate, includes:

Sources of Revenue and Allocations to Key Institutional Functions, includes:

We are proud to serve higher education. The process by which our clients purchase data:
  1. Call or email us with an inquiry regarding the data you are interested in obtaining.
  2. We will discuss and define your request, to ensure the final report will meet your requirements.
  3. Pricing for standard reports is as shown above. Non-standard reports pricing is $100 per hour for 'off the shelf' compilations, $400 per hour for custom research and analysis.
  4. Depending upon the complexity of your request, reports can range from 'off the shelf' which we can email within one day, to analyses which can require up to 2 weeks. We will provide you with a written time and cost estimate. Upon receipt of written approval for the project and payment, we will commence work.
  5. Data files are sent in Excel upon completion of work via email.

For inquiry, contact Michael Havis via email or phone 562-248-6262

Our database is comprised of data from our development partner, Job Search Intelligence which provides us with proprietary graduates' occupational outcomes data, NCES, US Treasury, US Federal Reserve, US Department of Education, and other resources.