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Welcome to the all new 2024 ETC College Rankings Index!

In 2013, we invented a college rankings system that rated colleges on the ‘economic value’ they created for students. Our new College Rankings Index provides you with:

Our program will generate a personalized list of colleges for you at no charge. For each college, you will see the 4 year trend in tuitions and enrollments, as well as other data to help you with your college planning decisions. In addition to the free list and data, for a fee of $5 per college, we will also provide you with the most up to date figures relating to tuition and enrollments in 2024 .

Please to access the rankings for 1211 US colleges.

To see more information regarding the economic value of specific majors, check out our College Buddy which shows occupational outcomes and salaries for each academic major.

FAQ and information regarding data and methodology