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Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Educate To Career (ETC) is helping our youth to secure their best futures through fact based college and career planning. We are the leader in educational attainment to career outcomes data with intuitive interfaces, easy to use programs and reliable results.

Who we serve:

Sponsorship of ETC is a sound business decision:

A sponsorship program with ETC will provide you with brand exposure to families who are making critical education decisions. Our programs provide sophisticated information to these families and are relied upon in colleges as the benchmark for facts and data. We provide an excellent platform for building brand awareness not only with the parents who are signing the checks today, but with the students who could be your clients tomorrow. As a nonprofit, association with ETC provides a level of endorsement that is unparalleled. Sponsorship donations are tax-deductible.


Sitewide Sponsorship of Educate To Career:

Sponsorship of the ETC College Business Plan Program:

Sponsorship of the My First Investment Account (MyFIA) Program:

Other Sponsorship Options:

Why a Sponsorship Investment in Educate To Career is a Good Business Decision:

For more information, please contact ETC President Mike Havis:
Direct Phone: 760-500-7883
Email -Mike Havis