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Counselors & Consultants Programs FAQ

The role of the college consultant is to act as the trusted advisor- the expert with the knowledge and experience to help families navigate the uncertainty, complexity and challenges of getting a child into college. The data provided by Educate To Career (ETC) is foundational to the development of a sound college plan.

The college selection process with many families is based upon emotion, perception, dreams and even the desire to maintain friendships. Expand your consulting services with ETC’s data, enabling you to guide families towards selecting colleges based upon:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good program to start with when using ETC’s data in a client project?
The College Graduation Probability Program is the best reality check you can provide to a client. This program eliminates all false assumptions about college completion rates and will help you shift the discussion to total college plan management.

When would I include ETC's data in a client project?
There are a variety of ways to use the data: A clients' choice of school may not be a good fit for their child, and you don't want to be the bearer of bad news. Show them the occupational outcomes from that school.

How will ETC's data grow my consulting business?
More frequently than ever, families are looking for a total financial plan, which includes downside risk management. Create a comprehensive plan that includes 5 year budgeting for tuition and all related costs. When the family sees that 5 years of college can easily exceed $100,000, your service becomes all the more valued.

Why are ETC's salary numbers lower than what I’ve seen from other sources?
The salary values shown here are based on ALL persons employed full time, within 1 year of graduation. The following illustrates the concept behind our salary calculation methodology. ACME University graduated 6 persons with accounting degrees last year, 4 of whom are now working full time: The average salary for graduates of ACME University with accounting degrees is $28,750. This is in contrast to the typical practice of reporting the salaries of only those persons who became accountants. Most other systems would report $45,000.

Tell me more about your subscription offer?
For $99 annually, you have unlimited access to the premium data from our College Business Plan, College Graduation Probability Program and College Rankings Index. Being a subscriber of our programs saves our clients a significant amount of time and money – no credit card entry for each premium data acquisition and the fee is just the one time, incredibly low subscription price. Most importantly, you’ll have access to our incredible premium data which is unparalleled in college guidance and consulting. Visit this page to subscribe.

What credentials does ETC have to provide the kind of information it offers?
Our data partner, Job Search Intelligence (JSI) is the leading provider of data relating to educational attainment and career outcomes. JSI's data is relied upon by more than 5,000 employers including over half of the Fortune 500, some of the largest student loan servicers in the U. S., over 3,000 university career centers and career planning offices, compensation consultancies, and millions of job seekers annually.

JSI's data are derived from a plurality of sources within government agencies and educational institutions. These sources include and are not limited to: U. S. Department of Labor, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics, U. S. Census Bureau, Common Data Set Initiative, U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U. S. Federal Reserve. All data and methodologies are protected by copyright, patents and pending patents. All rights reserved.