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ETC College Planning Autumn 2020

College Planning Guidance And Data For The COVID Crisis

April 2020 - Colleges may not be open in the fall semester of 2020 for in-classroom instruction. In this environment of uncertainty, limiting your downside risk is important. You do not want to be in a predicament where you’re committed – possibly to an expensive college, that can’t deliver a full open campus, in-classroom education experience.

In this environment, it is prudent to be risk averse. We have evaluated the options which are available to college bound students for fall of 2020. Colleges can’t tell you the conditions they will be operating under next fall, and they certainly can’t guarantee anyone that they will offer an open campus, in-classroom experience. If colleges do open for the fall semester, the possibility exists that a ‘second wave’ shutdown could occur. Because of the uncertainty surrounding colleges and their fall semester, we are advocating that students adopt a low cost, low risk strategy to attending college this fall. What this will entail, is as follows:

With the aforementioned in mind, we’ve created a database of all US colleges that offer both in-classroom and high quality online instruction. Not all online classes are created equal. Experience counts – Zoom and email are not on par with colleges that have the software necessary to support a comprehensive online program, and the critical years of experience in delivering curriculum through an online program.

These are the college options which are available to you in the fall of 2020:

Avg Salary at age 25
Go into job market (Take a gap Year) $25K
2 year/vocational college, then job $35k
2 yr college, transfer to 4 yr college, then job$40K
4 yr. public college $45K