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ETC College Rankings for the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

In 2014, ETC released a system for ranking colleges which was based upon the 'economic value' created by the colleges we scored. Schools weren't given credit for enrolling students with high SAT/ACT scores, or the height of the climbing wall. Our system revolutionized college rankings because it was based on economic metrics, including colleges' abilities to graduate students at a reasonable total cost, and to get them into the labor market with high relative earnings.

With the COVID crisis everything has changed regarding college selection criteria. With our new rankings system, a 'distance learning' component is mandatory for a high ranking simply because there is a real possibility that at least some instruction will be done via the Internet. Schools that have systems and experience in distance learning, with a campus to support in-classroom teaching have the right formula for today. And factoring in that the U.S. is now in the midst of a deep recession, tuition is also a primary consideration.

This 'system revision' of our 2020 ETC College Rankings provides you with over 1200 colleges - which are sorted by state, and then ranked by their ability to offer a quality education under any conceivable scenario: in-classroom, online, and a blend of each format.

Colleges that rank in our Tier 1 meet the following criteria:

Note that colleges are grouped by state - enabling you to see all colleges where you could qualify for in-state tuition. It is of course advised that you choose a college close to home which will allow you to minimize costs, as well as avoid having to relocate should classes be available online only.

To begin, choose a state

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