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Education to Occupation Mapping Data Table

View a Continuum of Students' Development from High School, Through College, Entry to the Labor Market, and at 30 Years of Age, with FICO Scores

Our Education to Occupation Mapping Data Table is a longitudinal analysis of education tracks to career outcomes. It includes occupations, with earnings at 5 year intervals. It also provides predicted FICO scores which is a revolutionary insight into the future creditworthiness of young people.

This Data Table provides a profoundly broad perspective as to who will become the reliable borrowers of the future. It will also become immediately clear as to who is at imminent risk of defaulting on student loans – and unsecured debt.

Business development strategies and marketing plans can be founded upon the Education to Occupation Mapping Data Table. No deeper insight into the quality of future borrowers has ever been available.

The Education to Occupation Mapping Data Table is intended to be used as a platform on which to develop a targeted business development strategy, when used in conjunction with our College Credit Program. The fee is $10,000. Discounts are available with volume licensing of the College Credit Program. See our sample file with some suppressed values Education to Occupation Mapping .

To learn more about credit data and licensing, please contact Paul Hill: