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ETC Best Colleges and Career Planning Curriculum

Here, you will find very timely college to career planning information. This program is packed with reliable guidance towards an academic major that will lead you to the jobs that will exist in the future, and the best colleges to prepare you for those jobs of the future.

This program utilizes our forward looking employment model, along with a listing of Tier 1 colleges - those institutions that offer the academic majors in an instructional environment that will prepare you for a successful entry into the labor market in 4 to 5 years.

IndustryEmployment in millions % job loss spring 2020 Job recovery by 2022 Salary, no degree Salary, with bachelors % workers retiring in 10 yrs
Health Care and Social Assistance18.9-9%11%$24140$3706034%
Retail Trade13.7-14%-15%$21090$3459030%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services9.2-10%14%$25000$4735031%
Accommodation and Food Services8.7-48%35%$18200$2357017%
Administrative and Support7.9-10%-1%$19980$3388029%
Finance and Insurance6.40%5%$26530$4650033%
Wholesale Trade5.6-6%-1%$25440$4130037%
Transportation and Warehousing5.1-11%9%$25230$3851038%
Personal Services4.6-21%12%$20290$2944033%
Educational Services3.4-9%-8%$19470$3185036%
Management of Companies and Enterprises2.3-10%-5%$28460$4867037%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting2.3-15%10%$17600$2795038%
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing2.1-5%8%$24630$3740044%
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation1.2-21%-7%$15540$2860030%
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction0.6-12%-2%$40730$5254031%