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Counselors & Consultants Programs

As a nonprofit, we know that a students' consultation with a professional counselor or consultant is integral to a successful college to career track. With over 2,400 US colleges relying upon our data, we are the trusted resource for college and career planning data.

Our role is to provide you with the facts and data that support the college planning process. Think of our data as one of the most valuable tools at your disposal.

Educate To Career data is used to augment and support your existing services. It can also be leveraged into an opportunity for you to build a new client service that was previously unavailable: financial planning and educational risk management. Educate To Career is the only resource for data that enables consultants to build a college plan that is consistent with the academic competencies of the student, the budget of the family, and a college plan that will lead to a real career, post college.

Learn more about what our data can do for your college consulting services.

Premium Counseling & Consulting Programs

College Business Plan - This program will build a business plan with you, inclusive of the most relevant financial data. This is truly a revolution in college planning and a must for every family working towards sending a child to college.

College Graduation Probability Program - All new program with the most important college planning data available. Find out now the likelihood of a student graduating college. Use this program before you review any college rankings system.

ETC College Rankings Index - See the Economic Value Added for 1,200 four year colleges in the U. S. Our methodology ranks colleges on their ability to improve the earnings and employability of their students.

Legacy Counseling & Consulting Programs

College & Major Outcomes - Show your students the likely job and salary outcomes from each major at your colleges.

Salary Search by Job Title - Select from over 900 occupations. Reliable salary data which includes education variables.

Salary Calculator 2.0 - Our newest generation salary calculator was designed specifically so that career counselors could run multiple different education scenarios for a student quickly - and the data are presented instantly.

Salary Calculator - Our legacy salary calculator is still available for those counsellors that have relied on this calculator since 2008. This program uses the same data as Salary Calculator 2.0

2 Year College Calculator - A specialized salary program which provides the salary outcomes from 2-year colleges.

CollegeBuddy - When a student asks, "What jobs can I get from my major?" this program provides actual outcomes data. This program is fast and invaluable to the career planning process.

CareerBuddy - this powerful program enables students and their counselors to explore a world college options - with a focus on career outcomes.

Fee Based Programs for Employers and Recruiters- when employers contact you regarding salary information, you now have a great resource for them!

Starting Salary Calculator - need salary data for a recent grad with a bachelors or masters degree? Fast, reliable data. $25 per analysis - results available instantly.

Salary by College and Major - are you looking to pin point a salary for a major at a specific school? Select the major, select the college - your data are available instantly. Each regional report is $25, or $400 for all 21 regions.

Search Salary by Occupation - review a list of over 900 job titles to begin your salary analysis. The same data as our HR Salary Calculator, with a 'search by job title' function. $25 per analysis.

Internship Wage Data - Benchmark wage data for hiring interns. Easy program with reliable results. $25 per analysis.

We'd love to hear from you. Send me, Mike Havis a quick email regarding any question you have, or feature you'd like to see.