Temporary Workers Salary Calculator and Salary Data for Government Property Inspectors and Investigators

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Government Property Inspectors and Investigators

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Group 1: Administrative and Repetitive Task Positions

1. Entry level employee requiring continuous supervisory oversight. Click here to see expanded description.

2. Employee not requiring continuous oversight. Employee follows defined instructions.

3. Employee has training and experience in occupation. Also has some decision making capabilities.

Group 2: College Graduate Positons
Employee has decision making capabilities within defined parameters. Does not require continuous supervision.

4. Employee is a recent college graduate, or has ample experience without degree.

5. Employee performs similar work as in level 4, and has considerable experience.

Group 3: Management Positions
Employee is given specific directives or deliverables and is obligated to meet requirements on a set timeline.

6. Manager and Project Manager positions, except General Manager.

7. Director positions, except Executive Director.

8. VP and General Manager positions.

9. Senior VP, Executive VP and certain "C-level" positions, such as CFO, CIO, COO, except CEO.

10. President, CEO positions, and Executive Director of not-for-profit organizations.

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