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Aerospace EngineersPerform engineering duties in designing, constructing, and testing aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. May conduct basic and applied research to evaluate adaptability of materials and equipment to aircraft design and manufacture. May recommend improvements in testing equipment and techniques. The median hourly wage for Aerospace Engineers is $58.80
Architectural and Engineering ManagersPlan, direct, or coordinate activities in such fields as architecture and engineering or research and development in these fields. The median hourly wage for Architectural and Engineering Managers is $73.27
Automotive EngineersDevelop new or improved designs for vehicle structural members, engines, transmissions, or other vehicle systems, using computer-assisted design technology. Direct building, modification, or testing of vehicle or components. The median hourly wage for Automotive Engineers is $45.82
Biochemists and BiophysicistsStudy the chemical composition or physical principles of living cells and organisms, their electrical and mechanical energy, and related phenomena. May conduct research to further understanding of the complex chemical combinations and reactions involved in metabolism, reproduction, growth, and heredity. May determine the effects of foods, drugs, serums, hormones, and other substances on tissues and vital processes of living organisms. The median hourly wage for Biochemists and Biophysicists is $49.18
BiostatisticiansDevelop and apply biostatistical theory and methods to the study of life sciences. The median hourly wage for Biostatisticians is $45.96
Chemical EngineersDesign chemical plant equipment and devise processes for manufacturing chemicals and products, such as gasoline, synthetic rubber, plastics, detergents, cement, paper, and pulp, by applying principles and technology of chemistry, physics, and engineering. The median hourly wage for Chemical Engineers is $50.77
Civil EngineersPerform engineering duties in planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures and facilities, such as roads, railroads, airports, bridges, harbors, channels, dams, irrigation projects, pipelines, power plants, and water and sewage systems. The median hourly wage for Civil Engineers is $42.36
Commercial and Industrial DesignersDesign and develop manufactured products, such as cars, home appliances, and children's toys. Combine artistic talent with research on product use, marketing, and materials to create the most functional and appealing product design. The median hourly wage for Commercial and Industrial Designers is $37.02
Computer Hardware EngineersResearch, design, develop, or test computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. May supervise the manufacturing and installation of computer or computer-related equipment and components. The median hourly wage for Computer Hardware Engineers is $61.63
Electrical EngineersResearch, design, develop, test, or supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. The median hourly wage for Electrical Engineers is $48.27
Electronics Engineers, Except ComputerResearch, design, develop, or test electronic components and systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use employing knowledge of electronic theory and materials properties. Design electronic circuits and components for use in fields such as telecommunications, aerospace guidance and propulsion control, acoustics, or instruments and controls. The median hourly wage for Electronics Engineers, Except Computer is $50.38
Environmental EngineersResearch, design, plan, or perform engineering duties in the prevention, control, and remediation of environmental hazards using various engineering disciplines. Work may include waste treatment, site remediation, or pollution control technology. The median hourly wage for Environmental Engineers is $46.54
Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including HealthConduct research or perform investigation for the purpose of identifying, abating, or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or public health. Using knowledge of various scientific disciplines, may collect, synthesize, study, report, and recommend action based on data derived from measurements or observations of air, food, soil, water, and other sources. The median hourly wage for Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health is $36.78
Fuel Cell EngineersDesign, evaluate, modify, or construct fuel cell components or systems for transportation, stationary, or portable applications. The median hourly wage for Fuel Cell Engineers is $45.82
Health and Safety Engineers, Except Mining Promote worksite or product safety by applying knowledge of industrial processes, mechanics, chemistry, psychology, and industrial health and safety laws. Includes industrial product safety engineers. The median hourly wage for Health and Safety Engineers, Except Mining is $47.60
Industrial EngineersDesign, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for managing industrial production processes, including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics and material flow, cost analysis, and production coordination. The median hourly wage for Industrial Engineers is $45.82
Materials EngineersEvaluate materials and develop machinery and processes to manufacture materials for use in products that must meet specialized design and performance specifications. Develop new uses for known materials. Includes those engineers working with composite materials or specializing in one type of material, such as graphite, metal and metal alloys, ceramics and glass, plastics and polymers, and naturally occurring materials. Includes metallurgists and metallurgical engineers, ceramic engineers, and welding engineers. The median hourly wage for Materials Engineers is $47.26
Mechanical EngineersPerform engineering duties in planning and designing tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment. Oversee installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment such as centralized heat, gas, water, and steam systems. The median hourly wage for Mechanical Engineers is $45.82
MicrobiologistsInvestigate the growth, structure, development, and other characteristics of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, algae, or fungi. Includes medical microbiologists who study the relationship between organisms and disease or the effects of antibiotics on microorganisms. The median hourly wage for Microbiologists is $38.13
Solar Energy Systems EngineersPerform site-specific engineering analysis or evaluation of energy efficiency and solar projects involving residential, commercial, or industrial customers. Design solar domestic hot water and space heating systems for new and existing structures, applying knowledge of structural energy requirements, local climates, solar technology, and thermodynamics. The median hourly wage for Solar Energy Systems Engineers is $48.37
Transportation EngineersDevelop plans for surface transportation projects, according to established engineering standards and state or federal construction policy. Prepare designs, specifications, or estimates for transportation facilities. Plan modifications of existing streets, highways, or freeways to improve traffic flow. The median hourly wage for Transportation Engineers is $42.36

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