HR/Employers Salary Data Programs

Select the appropriate salary data program for your needs - begin your analysis and have reliable data instantly. Our programs are fast and easy, while the data are relied upon by compensation experts throughout HR depts and compensation consultancies.
Small Business Salary Calculator - Less than 500 employees? This program is for you. Easy and reliable, with data specific to your company size. An industry benchmark since 2009. $25 per analysis.
Large Company Salary Calculator - More than 500 employees and you need quick pricing for 1 or 2 jobs? Look no further. Data for 1,000 occupations. $25 per analysis.
Temp Workers Calculator - Reliable salary data for over 450 temp workers occupations. The industry standard for staffing agencies. $25 per analysis.
Data Set Builder - Our #1 program for compensation consultants and comp practitioners! Generate custom salary data sets by region and industry. You receive wage band and median salary data for each work level within an occupation. Comprehensive and reliable data, instantly. $25 per analysis.