Custom Research

JSI is unique in the world of empirical research relating to educational attainment and career outcomes. We’ve quantified the economic value of education – and that has become an invaluable resource of Custom Research for our clients. Our analysis of K-12 education, post-secondary institutions, academic majors, familial and other characteristics, and the inter-relationships between these factors, gives us unparalleled insights into what ultimately constitutes successful entry into the workforce.
Our extensive databases enable us to deliver fact based research to clients. Our actuarial work for student lenders, education advocacy organizations, college institutional effectiveness departments, and various other stakeholders in the sphere of education and workforce development, all flows from having the largest and most reliable datasets.
Our Custom Research has ranged from projecting student loan default estimates, by college, major, and borrowers’ characteristics for student lenders, to helping an aerospace firm determine where they would have the highest probability of attracting workers to a new manufacturing facility being contemplated. Millions of families have relied upon our data as a foundation in making fiscally prudent college planning decisions. Our data and analysis enables you to make informed business decisions.
Effective Custom Research begins with questions and discussions: “What is the problem? What is it that you need to know?” Our Custom Research is founded upon our ability to get to the essence of an issue, through studying the relevant factors. Ultimately, we provide you with actionable data that gives you the visibility and perspective of your enterprise, relative to the surrounding environment.
Our custom research fee is $400 per hour. Contact me, Paul Hill to discuss your project requirements.