JSI- The People and the Company

The JSI Team- we're data people. A group of like minded people who are really excited about labor economics, data and broadly distributing labor market information via the Internet. We love the fact that we can put valuable information in the hands of a 16 year old student, a family sending their first child to college, and an HR executive, in the same second.
When we started JSI in 2008, we all agreed that, "Data should proliferate." No walled gardens or false barriers. Just produce great data and make it easily accessible. Now we deliver millions of analyses to job seekers, students, employers and consultants each year.
Presently, we’re the leader in educational attainment to career outcomes data. We co-founded the nonprofit, Educate To Career which delivers facts and data to families, High School Counselors and Consultants, enabling students to make fiscally prudent, college to career planning decisions. Educate To Career creates $ billions in value for society every year by helping young people to save money on college, and then land valuable jobs upon graduation.
The JSI data shop- we specialize in salary data, quantitative analysis of compensable factors, and labor market analytics. We have established a database of almost every worker in the U. S., from educational history through to current employment. This is the functional equivalent of a longitudinal study of more than 145,000,000 workers.
A few words about our data development methods- we have invented a portfolio of patented and patent pending statistical techniques which enable us to generate statistically significant data sets, and deliver these data instantly to our user base. Our data are retrieved from establishment surveys which represent over 400,000 U. S. businesses. The data are derived from over 50 different resources within a wide range of government agencies and educational institutions. These resources include and are not limited to: U. S. Department of Labor, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics, U. S. Census Bureau, Common Data Set Initiative, U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U. S. Federal Reserve.
JSI's Open Data System- In order to benefit workers, students and businesses, data should proliferate. Onerous contracts, bundling schemes and non-compliant 'standards' are all impediments to everything that a forward thinking business would engage in. JSI’s data structure is built on BLS metropolitan statistical areas, North American Industry Classification System and O*NET occupational classifications- all of which are free, publicly available standards that ensure the greatest ease and data integrity when mapping to your own internal systems, or other data.
With regards, the JSI TEAM
JSI's management were trained and employed by: MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, UCLA, U. S. Dept of Labor, U. S. Congressional Budget Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the RAND Corp and other academic institutions.