Reliable salary data, labor market analytics and staffing industry data

The JSI Open Data System is a platform of salary data and the compensable factors of 130 million workers. JSI delivers to you the most comprehensive, reliable and easiest salary data offering on the market today!
Open - you pick the program; select the variables from a quick menu list (occupation, region, etc). No contracts to sign or commitments to future purchases. Just pay for your data, download your files, and you’re done!
Data - any data company can tell you what an accountant in Chicago, NY or LA earns. JSI can provide you with salary data for a fuel cell engineer in Huntsville AL, a system administrator in Boise ID, a supply chain manager in Fargo ND, or even a temp warehouse worker in Salt Lake City. Our salary data and Labor Market Analytics data are derived from over 400,000 establishments and academic institutions. All surveys have been conducted within the past 12 months and with a minimum of 25 respondents per occupation, per region, you are ensured of reliable results.
System - the JSI Open Data System delivers an easy experience when creating a salary data report. Our programs have been architected on occupation, industry and regional classification standards used throughout major U. S. govt agencies – and ENDORSED BY OVER 400 MAJOR TRADE ASSOCIATIONS.