• Job Seeker: Salary Calculator User Guide and FAQ

    The NACE Salary Calculator will enable you to perform a salary data search for the occupation and region in which you are seeking employment.

    To conduct a search for a job salary, enter the information requested from the drop down menus into the Salary Calculator. The program will reference your input information against the average salary values in our databases, and provide you with your personalized job salary data. The salary data provided to you is derived from salary survey data and compensation surveys.

    Because the NACE Salary Calculator is quick and easy to use you can perform multiple salary data analyses in minutes, and use the compensation survey results for in depth career planning.

    The Salary Calculator will also enable you to perform a salary comparison for occupations that are similar to your original selection, and to perform a salary search in other geographic regions.

    The Salary Calculator will assist you in your salary data search by providing you with the following compensation market information:
    • The entry level salary data for each occupation (10th percentile).
    • The highest salary paid for each occupation (90th percentile).
    • The median (middle) salary value paid within a range for each occupation.
    The Salary Calculator also provides a recommended salary for you. This salary value will enable you to make a salary comparison for your existing job, or use the salary value as a basis for salary negotiation for a new job.

    In addition, the Salary Calculator will provide you with the number of persons employed in the occupation and region you have selected. Use this figure to estimate demand for the occupation you have selected, in addition to the compensation market data.

    Compensation planning is a component of successful career planning. The NACE Salary Calculator will provide you with salary survey data that is substantially more accurate than the average salary provided by other programs.

    Try the Salary Calculator with different input variables: compare occupations, regions of the country, and educational factors. This information will enable you to establish a better overall career plan.


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    Are there any special systems requirements that I should be aware of?

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    The NACE Salary Calculator is provided in partnership with Job Search Intelligence (JSI). Using patents pending algorithms, the calculator creates compensation values from datasets which are proprietary to JSI and are derived from: U. S. Department of Labor, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Census Bureau, U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U. S. Federal Reserve, and proprietary resources.

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