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    The NACE Employers Salary Calculator is used throughout the U. S. by thousands of HR departments and compensation professionals. We offer salary data for over 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the U. S. Easy, reliable and affordable salary data at only $25 per analysis.

    For each analysis, the program provides you with: a range of salaries, a wage band, and a Recommended Salary Value. The data files will be on your computer instantly in the easiest formats available: Microsoft Excel and a PDF file.
    1. Create your analysis by selecting the menus below
    2. Pay $25 via credit card for each analysis you perform
    3. Salary data is on your computer in easy to read Excel and PDF formats- instantly

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    Select the state where the occupation being analyzed is located

    Select the region within the state

    Type in occupation - do not cut & paste entry

    Select the major industry sector for the occupation being analyzed

    Select the Industry sub sector for the occupation being analyzed

    Number of years of relevant work experience for this occupation

    How many persons are employed within the entire organization?

    Does the employee have supervisory responsibilities?

    Select the level that most accurately describes the skills required and the responsibilities of the occupation.

    Group 1- Administrative and repetitive task positions
    1- This is an entry-level employee.[X] Double click here to see an expanded description.
    2- Employee has a limited skill set and rarely deviates from a detailed description of duties. [X]
    3- Employee performs work that primarily involves following defined procedures. [X]

    Group 2 - College graduate positons. Employee has decision making capabilities within defined parameters. Does not require continuous supervision.
    4- Employee has a college degree and little work experience, or they have considerable experience in the occupation without a formal education.[X]
    5- Employee performs similar work as in the category above, though they have sufficient work experience to require minimal supervision. [X]

    Group 3 - Management positions.
    6- Manager and Project Manager positions, except General Manager. [X]
    7- Director positions, except Executive Director. [X]
    8- VP and General Manager positions [X]
    9- Senior VP, Executive VP and certain ”C” level positions, such as CFO, CIO, COO, except CEO. [X]
    10- President, CEO positions, and Executive Director of not-for-profit organizations. [X]

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